Bubble Maps and Frames of Reference for ‘The Endless Story’

Bubble Map Reccommended Order of TMsBubble Maps Key Words: Adjectives and adjective phrases only. Great for vocabulary development (vivid word choice) and inferential thinking.

Identify the thought process: DESCRIBING

We have last week’s example of a Circle Map for Rosita from ‘The Endless Story’ I would also recommend creating Circle Maps for the prince, Miguel and Rosita’s father in small groups. After small groups have presented their Circle Maps for these characters, create a Bubble Map for the prince together. Frame of Reference for this Thinking Map reflects:

  • “What’s causing your thinking?”
  • ”How do you know what you know?”
  • “What shaped that thinking?”
  • “What is influencing the information in your map?”
  • “Where did you get your information?”
  • “Why is this information important?”

Along with the examples in the Bubble Map below your class Frames of Reference would also include: Ms Bissot’s Class, Grade 6, date.

E Bubble Map prince

Assign small groups to create a Bubble Map for

  • Miguel
  • Rosita’s father
  • the King

Each small group will present their Bubble Map to the large group.

E Bubble Map Miguel

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