Creating Double Bubble Maps with Thinking Map Templates

E Bubble Map other than RositaThis Bubble Map can be used to remind students of the previous lesson. Ask students what characters other than Rosita could the Bubble Map describe. (Miguel, the prince and Rosita’s father.) Why?

This map could also be used to begin the last lesson as indicated by the caption.

What character from the story doesn’t this map describe? (King) Why?

Thinking Maps® are used in many school districts in my area. Teachers throughout the elementary schools have completed Thinking Maps® training. Thinking Maps® Trainers also offer support to teachers through in-service meetings. As a Thinking Maps® Trainer I believe the training sessions offered through Thinking Maps® Incorporated equip teachers with skills and confidence to integrate Thinking Maps® throughout the curriculum. Each participant leaves the training with knowledge of all eight maps an understanding of their thought processes, A Language of Learning Teacher’s Guide and CD for creating Thinking Maps®. I also attended a workshop, Thinking Maps® and Text Structures – Teaching Students How to Organize Writing through our RESD.

I use the CD Rom from my Thinking Maps® training to create the maps I post.

But a “Thinking Maps Template” search led me to some very good sites for creating Thinking Maps®:

Little Elm Independent School District offers Thinking Maps Templates:

Templates are in the Folder: Thinking Maps Templates:

Colorful TM templates. Basic labels. Once downloaded you can rearrange them in recommended order for teaching. Be sure to add the Frame of Reference. Thank you, Little Elm Independent School District for this great tool.

Templates for five of the eight Thinking Maps are black and white. Labels for Circle Maps, Bridge Maps, Tree Map, Multi-Flow Maps and Brace Maps are colorful. There are four examples of Multi-Flow Maps including a really neat Healthy Teeth Multi-Flow Map using colorful images for Early Literacy. Be sure to add the Frame of Reference. (Bubble Map, Double Bubble Map, and Tree Map can be created from the templates above or Jane Long’s templates.

Imaging itself as higher thinking for BIG ideas, I really like the visual of the “Fat” Bridge Map.
Thank you, Little Elm Independent School District for this great tool

Download each TM onto your computer in Word. Number them in order in your Folder.

I created this Bubble Map with the template from:

Bubble Map King The Endless Story

Bubble Map for the King in ‘The Endless Story’ with a Frame of Reference added.


Create a Double Bubble Map


3 Double Bubble order of thinking mapsHow are these two things similar and different? Why are these similarities and differences important?

Identify the thought process: COMPARING AND CONTRASTING

3 Double Bubble Map Example

Thinking Maps® Technology for Learning

Using one of the Thinking Maps Template links above, create a Double Bubble Map comparing and contrasting two characters from the story, ‘The Endless Story.’

I’d love to see your Double Bubble Maps and hear whether or not the templates work for your use in Storytelling and Thinking Maps.

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