Flow Maps Showing Sequence and Cycles

Flow Map Recommended Order of TMSFlow Maps Key Words: Sequence, Put in order, Order, Retell/Recount, What happens next, Cycles, Patterns, Show the process, Change, Solve multi-step directions

Identify the thought process: SEQUENCING

The Flow Map is used for:

  • Sequencing the stages and sub-stages of an event
  • Identifying the steps in a process
  • Ordering information

Flow Map Key InformationEducators using Read-Cover-Remember-Retell can go beyond the lesson with Flow Maps. When students create Flow Maps with a partner they will discover the importance of being able to retain the content during the act of reading. Within the process  of creating the Flow Map they realize how much more information they accumulated in their synthesis of the entire selection.

Other Classroom Uses for a Flow Map:

Science: Growing Process, Life Cycles, Food Chains

Math: Problem Solving, How to Find Area, Story Problems

Social Studies: Historic Events, Time Lines, Processes in Government


Flow Maps trouble shooting

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