This 2013 Storytelling Connection Program was held at the Discovery Museum and was sponsored by the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation.
Teaching Artist/Coach Eileen DeLorenzo

Storytelling Troupe Grades 3-4

Sam tells Peder and the Water Sprite, a tale from Sweden. Ruby tells Raven, How Light Came Into the World, a myth from North America, Pacific South West.​​ Alice tells Brer Fox and Old Man Terrapin, an American folktale.
Alex tells The Big Toe, an American folktale.

Storytelling Troupe Grades 5-7

Emily tells Stone Soup, a folktale from France. Valerie tells Valerie and the Silver Pear by Benjamin Darling. Andrea tells The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.

These accomplished storytellers answer questions after their first public performance.
“What is your favorite part about telling your story on stage today?”
“How did you memorize your story?”