Well-told stories warm and nourish us. World tales connect us to diverse cultures; remind us we have much in common. In the shared storytelling experiences we are encouraged to see beyond ourselves; beyond basic needs, to places of empathy, reflection and well being. Eileen’s engaging programs elicit innate responses for us to see ourselves as one of many who can, like the characters in stories, find joy in the struggles, believe in oneself and others, and persevere.

moreyLet’s Tell Stories
Ages 3 and up
Participation World Folks Tales and Fairy Tales with repetition, rhyme, puppets and song. A fun and highly interactive language experience.

Around The World Folktales
PreK-3, 4-6
Stories from the imaginations of regions our world. Within these traditional tales we discover how much we have in common with our global neighbors.

Tricksters, Clever Women, Cobblers and Kings
PreK-3, 4-6
Stories with colorful characters take us through struggles to victories, cold heartedness to compassion and conflict to understanding.

Michigan Tall Tales
Grades 3-6
More than just stories of larger than life loggers. With the help of listener participation, yarns spun from fact to hyperbole, demonstrating the origins of Tall Tales.

From the Same Placeā„¢
Grades K-8
Multicultural storytelling programs building and Strengthening acceptance, empathy and compassion.

Under the Same Sky
Grades 4-Adult
Tales with plots that veer unexpectedly. Unsuspecting characters in interrelated circumstances. Entertaining stories to stretch ideas beyond what we know to wider horizons.

Grants for Eileen’s Programs are available through:

Michigan Arts & Humanities Council Touring Program

Wheatland Music Organization